Dear Loyal San Diego Customers, We would like to take this time to talk to you about our Single Shot Exceptions (commonly referred to as SSE).  Due to high demands, created by the state of California, in the SSE market we are going to have to make adjustments to our SSE policy.  Before you start moaning and groaning, rest assured that we will keep our SSE FREE. We are merely changing the amount of kits that we are allotting to the customers that buy a firearm from us in store and our out of state transfers. We feel that the responsible thing to do is give the people buying handguns directly from us a better shot at one of our SSE kits (pun intended).  This simply means that we are going to be putting a limit on the amount of kits we offer to out of state transfer handguns. Once those kits are used the next transfers will go on a waiting list. When a kit becomes available the next person who is transferring a firearm will be contacted to come in and start the DROS paperwork with the available kit. However, We realize that some of you are in a hurry to get your SSE DROS started as soon as possible. So we have a compromise. To skip the waiting line for the out of state transfers you may pay an additional $50. This simply allows us to purchase another kit to use for your firearm and will be added to the out of state transfer kits. As mentioned before there is no change in the cost of the Single Shot Exceptions. They are still 100% free. And in order to help us get firearms into the hands of responsible citizens please come pick up your SSE pistols as soon as you can so we can turn those kits around… well after your 10 days of course.