Compact and easy to run for both home and personal defense, Gunfighter Tactical makes the best AR pistols in the California market… plus they’re a hell of a lot of fun to shoot. These highly maneuverable pistols come 8.3” to 10.3” barrels (depending on caliber) to reduce weight and increase accuracy and reliability with a wide range of loads.  The SBA4 brace gives you 5 positions of adjustment to more comfortably shoot your AR pistol. Sleek, lightweight, and modern profile MLOK handguards from SLR Rifleworks provide compatibility with a wide variety of accessories, while the SLR linear Synergy comp serves to push all the unspent gas away from the shooter.  Standard hand stops on all of our house-build Rally and Bandit models ensure a safe shooting experience.  All lower receivers are cut and Cerakoted in-house and all of our guns carry our no-questions-asked lifetime warranty.  

These firearms are classified as pistols and are not short barreled rifles; no need for a tax stamp and California-legal.