Sheepdogs Need Sharp Teeth. We believe that every American has both the right, and the responsibility to provide for their own defense and that of their family. We also recognize the fact that the right of self-defense is meaningless without the tools to defend yourself. We are committed to arming law-abiding citizens so that they can fulfill their obligation to defend themselves and their families. We strive to be San Diego’s premier black rifle shop and offer a complete line of rifles, handguns, shotguns, and accessories as well as complete gunsmithing and Cerakoting services. Gunfighter Tactical is a proud, American small business who understands that freedom must be defended or it will be lost. Please stop by and see us!

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Civilian Disarmament: French Citizens Were Sitting Ducks

This article will seem controversial to some. Let me preface it by stating emphatically that I believe only the terrorists are responsible for the death of 129 Parisian citizens last week. However, to ignore the decades old French government policy of civilian...

How “Common Sense Gun Safety” Became a De Facto Gun Ban

In July 2000 the state of California passed SB 15 requiring all handguns to be submitted for and pass certain safety testing before that gun could be sold in the state. While the SB 15 bill was passed, signed into law, and then enacted in 2000, a form of the original...

ATF Shuts Down Completion of 80% Lowers

  Without a vote from any elected (i.e. accountable) official, the bureaucrats at the ATFE have essentially shut down the practice of building a firearm from an 80% lower.  This is how laws are made in America today.  No longer is it necessary for Congress to vote and...