No “LE Only” Policy

"All Animals are Equal, but Some Animals are More Equal than Others."
- George Orwell, Animal Farm

We are either all equal under the eyes of the law or we aren’t.  Gunfighter Tactical strongly believes that a government exempting itself from the laws it creates is a dangerous precedent in any republic.  We do not believe that there should be a multi-tiered system of citizenry.  All people should follow the same laws.  It has been our policy from the moment we opened our doors that we will not allow police officers, prison guards, border patrol, FBI, etc. to buy anything we can’t sell to any other citizen.  Therefore, we will not sell “high” capacity magazines or off-roster handguns to law enforcement officers.

Both owners of Gunfighter Tactical were born and raised in free states and grew up as gun enthusiasts and raging 2nd Amendment absolutists.  It has been our stated goal from the beginning to put as many guns in the hands of law abiding citizens as possible.  This is not just a business for us.  This is religion.  A system that has afforded itself “special privileges” while denying fundamental God-given rights to another is profoundly dangerous and unequal.  It is a special carve out that we have decided not to participate in.

fb-no-leo-banner.pngWe believe that true freedom only exists when there are no special carve outs for anyone in our political system.  We do not accept that, “All Animals Are Equal, but Some are More Equal than Others.”  Period.