Gunfighter Tactical will be closing our retail store on Miramar Rd in San Diego.  Our landlord has informed us that he no longer wants a gun shop in the building and that he will not renew our lease when it expires this month.  It takes months and is incredibly expensive to move a gun shop.  From licensing to location costs we would be looking at a minimum of 4 to 5 months and $50,000 dollars to move the shop (it cost us $70K to move into our current location) and we have decided that it just doesn’t make sense for us to spend that kind of money in the current regulatory environment and with the supply chain disruption that we’ve seen for the past year.  Our last day to DROS firearms will be June 15th and we will close the doors to the retail shop permanently on June 30th

We have a second location not far from the retail store where we have our Cerakote, engraving, machining, and kydex operations.  We will still perform gunsmithing, machining, and Cerakote from that location, however, we will no longer have the licenses to transfer guns or ammo and we will not retail anything from that space.  I will release the address and details on that later this month as we begin to transition over there.

What this means for you:

Please stop shipping guns and ammo to Gunfighter immediately.  Anything that is in transit or near shipping is fine to continue, but please do not place new ammo orders or online gun purchases to be delivered to Gunfighter moving forward.  Any ammo that is still in the shop as of June 30th will be considered abandoned and donated to SDCGO, A Girl and a Gun, Armed Equality or some other group who may have use for it.  Any firearms still in the shop as of June 15th will be delivered to another local gun shop for transfer at that location.  We will refuse delivery of any firearms that arrive at Gunfighter after the 15th.  

Remaining Inventory:

All remaining inventory in the shop, except firearms, will be 30% off with credit card or 50% if you are paying with cash.  There isn’t much left in the shop, but we’d love to clear the place out as quickly as possible, so please come in and grab anything that is remaining.

We still have around 40 or 50 AR pistols remaining.  In an effort to clear that inventory entirely before June 15th we have built them with different handguards and brakes and they are anodized instead of Cerakoted to reduce the cost.  The remaining inventory of AR pistols will sell for $1,550 credit or $1,400 with cash, plus tax and background check.   Each anodized AR pistol will also come with a $50 gift certificate which can be used toward Cerakote beginning July 1st.  Our lifetime warranty still stands on these guns, and on anything with our name on it.  Gunsmithing will happen at our production facility after we close the retail shop.  We need to clear that inventory by the 15th and I do expect it to sell out quickly, so come in soon or they will be gone.

I know some may receive this as tough news and, to be honest, there is a part of me that will miss the retail shop.  However, I’m really looking forward to transitioning strictly to gunsmithing, machining, and Cerakote.  It’s less overhead and way less government interference.  It also positions us to focus on a side of the business that has tremendous potential, but has always been starved for attention.  We are still involved in the fight and nothing will change with our involvement with San Diego County Gun Owners (are you a member?  Why not?)  and Firearms Policy Coalition.  We are still plaintiffs in the Renna and Miller cases (have you donated to FPC yet?  Why not?).  With FPC aggressively pushing back against Cal DOJ and SDCGO backstopping us here in SD county, I am more optimistic than ever that we truly are winning this fight.  It will take time and there will be set backs, but we are winning.