No More HSCs

The DOJ has clarified that “effective January 1, 2015, a Firearms Safety Card must be obtained prior to taking possession of a long gun, regardless of when the DROS transaction was initiated.” That means if you DROS a stripped AR lower or any long gun on or after December 22, 2014, you must take a test and pay $25 to obtain a Firearms Safety Card (FCS) before you can legally take possession of your new gun. Basically, any long gun that is being picked up in the new year will require you to have an FSC, even if you DROS it before the new year.

Please note: The FSC is different than the Handgun Safety Card (HSC). The HSC is still good, but will only be acceptable to DROS and take possession of handguns. The FSC is required for long guns and can also be used for handguns.

We will not be able to test for or distribute FSCs before January 1, 2015. On January 1, 2015, you will be able to take a test right here in our shop to obtain the FSC. We have not seen the test or any of the study materials, but we assume it will be as ridiculous as the HSC test most of you are already familiar with. However, where the HSC allows you to take the test twice in 24 hours; meaning you can immediately retake it if you fail the first time. The FSC program only allows for one test every 24 hours; so there are no immediate retakes. In the 6 months we have owned Gunfighter Tactical, I have only seen one person fail the HSC test, so I doubt that will be a problem for the vast majority of consumers.

Essentially, this means that long guns will cost you $25 more after December 22, 2014. Like the HSC, you only need to take the test and pay the $25 once every 5 years.

Here is a link to the DOJ’s list of Frequently Asked Questions for the FSC program.