Ammo Transfer Policy

Gunfighter Tactical Ammo Transfer Policy

Gunfighter Tactical has always made an effort to not punish California gun owners for living in our one-party Socialist state. We were the only store in town to offer completely free SSE services back in 2014, we lowered our firearms transfer fees during the crush of 2016, and we continue to have one of the lowest firearms transfer fees in town.

We will continue our efforts to not gouge California gun owners by offering FREE online ammunition transfers.

PLEASE NOTE: Help us help you. It’s free because we keep the labor costs low.
Think of it as a partnership. You do your part and we’ll do ours.

  • DO NOT CALL to see if your ammo has been delivered. Just check your tracking information that the seller sent you.
  • Please come pick up your ammo quickly. We have limited storage space. Pick it up ASAP.
  • Please do not call us to obtain a copy of our bullshit “Ammunition Vendor’s License.” Copy it from this page (below) and send it to the seller yourself.

We may have to add a fee at some point in the future, but our goal is to provide this service at no charge for as long as we can.

Online Ammunition Order Transfer Fee

  • No Transfer Fee
  • We are required to collect a 7.75% California Usage Tax on anything that crosses state lines.
  • Ammunition will only be released to the customer listed on the package label.
  • Do not call to see if your ammo has arrived. Check your tracking information.

Storage Fees for Vendor Transferred Ammunition Received: 
Up to 15 days: Free
15 – 30 Days: $25 fee
31 – 60 Days: $50 fee

Ammunition left for more than 60 days will be considered abandoned. Abandoned ammo will be donated to one of the several local 2A and veteran related non-profits we support.  Please do not make us sit endlessly on ammo you didn’t buy from us.

For a copy of our ammunition Vendor’s License that you can send to your seller, just right-click and “Save As” the image below for the PDF file.

2021 Ammo Vendor’s License FFL
2021 Ammo Vendor License
Click to Expand, Right Click to Copy Click to Expand, Right Click to Copy

* All prices subject to change at the sole discretion of Gunfighter Tactical