Gunfighter Tactical was founded in May of 2014 as a full service tactical gun shop. Owners Ryan Peterson and Lee Moiseve were born and raised in a free state and grew up as gun enthusiasts and raging 2nd Amendment absolutists. We feel that selling guns is not a business, but a calling. This is not just a business for us.

In 2022 we transitioned from retail sales of firearms to manufacturing, gunsmithing, and custom Cerakote, machining, and engraving. Today, we manufacture California's only CA-Legal 9mm AR pistol and custom build 5.56 and 300 BLK AR pistols. Every gun we build is covered by our unlimited lifetime warranty.

We are a "principles first" company and pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in the city. We build the guns we would want to shoot; guns we can be proud of and are confident enough to warranty them for life.

We believe that every American has both the right and the responsibility to provide for their own defense and that of their family. We also recognize the fact that the right of self-defense is meaningless without the tools to defend yourself. We are committed to arming law-abiding citizens so that they can fulfill this obligation. We strive to be San Diego’s best custom build shop and offer a complete suite of gunsmithing and Cerakoting and custom machining and engraving services. Gunfighter Tactical is a proud, American small business who understands that freedom must be defended or it will be lost.  

Sheepdogs Need Sharp Teeth.