Gunfighter Tactical is proud to be a named plaintiff in 3 lawsuits challenging California’s gun laws on Constitutional grounds.  California’s gun laws are a gun grabber’s dreamscape and two of the worst, most egregious violations of our rights are the “assault weapons” laws and the handgun roster.  GFT is fighting both of those cases with the backing of The Firearms Policy Coalition and San Diego County Gun Owners.


California is a one-party state and likely will be for the foreseeable future.  Democrats in California use gun owners as a political scarecrow they can throw at their voters to keep them angry and afraid and voting reliably Democrat.  Dividing the people so they are fighting each other instead of the corrupt, corporate stooges who run this state.  It’s a sick perversion of Democracy and it is why our Founders set up a Republic in the first place.  


The best way to get rid of these gun laws is to go toe-to-toe with the state and beat them.  To stand up against the tiny tyrants in Sacramento and win.  Gunfighter Tactical is proudly doing just that with the help of the FPC and the SDCGO.


Case 1:  Miller vs Bonta
Summary: Federal Second Amendment lawsuit challenging California’s ban on so-called “assault weapons”

Docket: S.D. CA case no. 3:19-cv-01537, Ninth Circuit case no. 21-55608

Case 2:  Renna vs Bonta
Summary: Lawsuit challenging California’s handgun “roster” ban laws and its ban on self-manufacturing handguns.

Docket: S.D. CA case no. 3:20-cv-02190

Case 3:  Miller 2 vs Bonta
Summary: Federal lawsuit challenging California SB 1327's fee-shifting provision.
Docket: S.D. CA case no. 3:22-cv-01446

These lawsuits are incredibly expensive and cannot happen without the

generous donations from gun owners everywhere.

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